*LIVE STREAM* / Agenda SC Tea Party Convention in Myrtle Beach

Thanks to RawStory.com for this live stream of the South Carolina Tea Party Convention being held Sunday/Monday in Myrtle Beach.

Here is the posted agenda:

Agenda Sunday, Jan. 15, 2012

11am Welcome Brunch Joe Dugan
12pm Prayer Pledge
12.10pm Convention opening Sen. Jim DeMint
12.50pm SC Congressional Delegation Congressmen Scott,
1.50pm Raging Elephants Apostle Claver
2.20pm Strong America Now Michael George
3.00pm Break
3.15pm SC GOP Chairman Chad Connelly
3.25pm MB Chamber of Commerce Brad Dean
3.30pm Reserved
3.35pm Tea Party Patriots Founder Jenny Beth Martin
3.45pm Sharia law Ryan Mauro
4.15pm Freedomworks Max Pappas
4.45pm Closing remarks Joe Dugan

7.00pm Reserved
7.40pm Freedomworks Dean Clancy
8.10pm “Free Market Warrior” Loren Spivack
8.40pm Constitutional Lawyer Larry Kobrovsky
8.45pm ROAR Allen Olsen
8.50pm Music

Monday Jan, 16, 2012

9.00am Opening Remarks Prayer
9.10am 2012 Governors Priorities Governor Nikki Haley
9.40am Author of Throw Them All Out Peter Schweizer
10.10am Freedomworks Matt Kibbe
10.30am Fair Tax John Steinberger
11.00am United States’ Military Role as a Global leader; Post-Obama Future Major General James E. Livingston
11.30am Agenda 21 Tom DeWeese
12.00pm Lunch-Marlin’s Restaurant
12.50pm Music
1.00pm SC Treasurer Curtis Loftis
1.10pm Returning from Afghanistan Katherine Jenerette
1.15pm SC Attorney General Alan Wilson
1.25pm Education Supt. Mick Zais
1.35pm Tea Party Patriots Founder Mark Meckler
2.05pm Presidential Candidates