Tea Party meeting in January? Have a volunteer fair.

The January meeting of the Spartanburg Tea Party will be a volunteer fair … because … the work of the tea party is to show up! In our county we are represented by six House Reps who all voted against the GOP platform on at least one significant issue last session, and received mostly D’s and F’s on their SC Club for Growth scorecard. Several of our GOP Reps had DEMOCRATS who scored higher than they did! We believe our county can do much better, and intend to support some challengers in the June primary.

To that end, our January tea party meeting will be a volunteer fair; we will invite some conservative candidates who are stepping up to run against some of the platform eschewing incumbents. We will introduce them, listen to them, question them, and then sign up to volunteer on their campaigns! My goal is that each of our members in attendance that night sign up to volunteer for one campaign, and that EVERY MEMBER sign up for each candidate’s email list so we keep up with their campaign events.

We may not be able to field a candidate for each House seat, but those who run will have boots on the ground, some campaign help, some small donations to start out, and the encouragement of knowing a group of patriots who have their backs.

The Spartanburg Tea Party is convinced that taking care of business in our own backyard is paramount to seeing our entire country get itself righted, and that we have a responsibility to other tea parties in our state and our country to send the most conservative representatives to our state capital in Columbia. Please steal our idea!!!! and host your own volunteer fair in January for your county.