SC Tea Party holds "Retirement Party" for Senator Thomas (who is already collecting his pension)

RINO Hunt, Americans Have Had Enough, and the Spartanburg Tea Party are teaming up to hold a retirement party for a sitting SC State Senator. Here’s the scoop:

Many of you may remember the USA Today story about South Carolina legislators collecting lofty pensions at the same time they continue to serve. The question is who are they serving? The legislators are not just taking advantage of a law that’s on the books; many of them created the law that they are benefiting from.

During the last legislative session they passed the largest budget in State history while funding many questionable projects and programs. The State’s health care system and the SC DOT are in deep financial troubles. Many legislators have admitted that the State’s retirement system is severely underfunded and reform is needed. However, they fail to mention the need to reform their own gravy train of retirement.

Because the foxes are guarding the hen house it is up to the citizens of South Carolina to “reform” the South Carolina Legislature. The best way to accomplish that goal is to retire as many of the self-serving legislators as possible in 2012.

That is why we are hosting a David Thomas Retirement Party this Thursday evening October 20th. The retirement party will be held at Chief’s Wings and Fire Water located at 723 Congaree Rd. Greenville, SC and will start at 6:00 pm.

Maybe the reason Senator Thomas continues to run for office is because no one has held him a party. During the party we will have an auction for a few of Senator Thomas’ retirement items including a pocket watch and maybe even his rocking chair. Please make plans to attend this fun event. Say thank you to Senator David Thomas for his 27 years of service to his constituents and himself.