RINOs Beware. SC County Rules may compel adherence to platform!

We are still fighting here in South Carolina for registration by party in order to vote.  So many of our RINO problems in our state are because politicians who are Dems in their core convictions KNOW they cannot get elected running as a Dem, so they register and run as Republicans and the Dems cross over and vote for them.  Or the Dem crossover gives us a weak candidate rather than a strong conservative.  Then we get the maddening consequences of supposed Republicans, such as the Spartanburg Six (Rita Allison, Doug Brannon, Derham Cole, Mike Forrester, Steve Parker, Eddie Tallon) who vote to table and kill a school choice bill that is a Republican platform issue.

What if candidates who want to run as Republicans have to follow the Republican platform in order to get on the ballot?  What if we were able to only field strong conservatives based on their commitment to our platform … that wouldn’t give the Dems anyone BUT a strong conservative to cross over and vote for!

Greenville County has a plan to ensure those very things.  Take a look at this video.  You can bet we’ll keep you up to date on this!

BTW … we are able to talk about this because the tea party and liberty groups in Upstate SC worked very hard at precinct reorganization this year. Harry, founder of RINO Hunt is the County GOP First Vice Chair, Linda of Americans for Prosperity is the GOP County Second Vice Chair, Laurie original tea party activist is the GOP County Third Vice Chair, and the Precinct President and Precinct Executive Committeeman and delegate positions are filled with activist conservatives. Betty, long time conservative Republican and a leading figure in the National Federation of Republican Women is the Greenville GOP County Chair.

This is what we can do when we become involved in the GOP Party through our precincts.

Cross post from The Spartanburg Tea party