Would YOU ever vote to fund abortions with taxpayer $?

Or, how about “Would you ever vote to fund the unconstitutional Obamacare?”

I bet our South Carolina freshman representatives, Trey Gowdy, Tim Scott, Mick Mulvaney, and Jeff Duncan would have answered “NO!” if asked that back in November right before / right after they were elected. I bet they all thought “Washington would never change them.”

Yet in voting for the 2-week CR, that’s what each of them did.

In Robert B. Bluey’s article at Human Events … I agree with Reps Bachmann and King that the GOP Leadership … and the “co-opted” Freshmen who went along with them … have weakened our position against the Dems and the Obama administration.

“You have to pick the ground on which you’ll fight, and you want to fight when your army is at maximum strength,” King told HUMAN EVENTS. “We’re not as strong as we were three weeks ago, and now we’ve given up some ground. That’s a hill we have to retake now.”

“In all of my business life and political life, whenever I’ve taken a position and then made concessions off of that position, it’s nearly impossible to go back and say I want to up the ante and increase my demands,” explained King

“I spent years as a federal tax litigation attorney and did a lot of negotiation in that process,” Bachmann told HUMAN EVENTS. “Negotiation taught me you have to fight from a position of strength. And we needed in the two-week CR the principles that are nonnegotiable for us.”

Pick a hill, gentleman. Pick a hill you’re willing to die on, or at least lay your political aspirations down on. To me, taxpayer funded abortions / funding Obamacare would have been a good hill to stake out. You’ve now lost that battle by voting FOR them. Moral high ground is hard to retake.

Cross post from Spartanburg Tea Party