Please Mitt. Please. Stand down.

Mike Huckabee is out on a book tour, and he spends a couple of pages talking about Mitt Romney’s Massachusetts health care program.  And not very positively.  But that’s not the most damaging thing currently being said about Romney.  Nope, that comes straight from Mitt himself.

From this article by Maggie Haberman at Politico:

Mitt Romney rejected Mike Huckabee’s call for him to admit that the “RomneyCare” health care program failed, instead saying he’s “proud” of “getting everyone covered” when he was governor of Massachusetts. “Mitt Romney is proud of what he accomplished for Massachusetts in getting everyone covered,” Romney’s spokesman, Eric Fehrnstrom, told the Boston Globe, in the first direct response Team Mitt made to Huckabee’s criticism of the health plan in his new book.

Even David Axelrod was recently quoted as saying “We got some good ideas from him,” tying Romneycare to Obamacare.  So with all this I ask you to come to a conclusion.  Is Mitt Romney:

a) too stupid to understand that a GOP presidential nominee tied to a health care program with an individual mandate is a disaster?

b) too egotistical to care that his insistence on running for President again will result in an undefendable candidate for an America who had rejected a health care program with an individual mandate that was forced upon her?

c) someone who thinks the American voters are so stupid they don’t understand what he did in Massachusetts and he can fool us into believing his stance on Romneycare all along was “a state’s rights issue”

I am saying unequivocally that Mitt Romney running for president would be one of the most selfish acts ever by an American.  If Mitt Romney love American, if he loved his country, if he had a care for the future of our children, his children, his grandchildren … he would announce tomorrow that he is not and will not be a candidate for President.  It would be a great act of patriotism.  His time has just passed, this is just NOT the time for a candidate like him, and with the past 2 years and the next 2 years a continual fight over this unconstitutional, job-killing health care bill that is being rejected more and more, his candidacy is just too much to expect the voters to support.  And if the voters stay home, the White House is lost.  And perhaps … our country.

He could be a great warrior for a new Administration in fiscal matters, and hold a position that could be crucial to restoring America’s economy; he’s talented and could command respect in that arena that would help heal and restore.  But please Mitt. Please.  Stand down.