Precinct Reorg: Send Your Neighbors a Postcard

Hello Redstate Community, here is a post I created for the Spartanburg Tea Party to help with precinct reorganization.  Hopefully you know how to access voter lists where you live!


Your goal in the next few weeks leading up to the Spartanburg County precinct reorganization date is to bring as many as possible with you to your polling place on March 3 at 7:00 PM.  The more precinct delegates we have, the bigger the conservative voice becomes in the GOP in our county, state, and nationally!

So I’ve decided to make some postcards and mail them to my neighbors that l know are registered republicans (I look on the voter list to find out) who live either on my street, or on a street that touches my street … my true neighbors.  My postcard will say something like this:

Hi Neighbor, I live down the street or around the corner from you, we vote at the same location.  If you want to have a say in how our local Republican party works, join me at our polling location for precinct reorganization, an opportunity we have once every 2 years to sign up to be precinct delegates and vote for county and state GOP leaders.

I’m going to sign my name, and hand write in the name of my polling place (Reidville Elementary) and the date (March 3) and the time (7:00 PM).  And I’ll write down my phone number as well so they can call me with questions.

In order to find out who the Republican voters are who live in your precinct, you’ll have to have access to the voter lists.  Many states allow you to purchase a copy of the Voter Vault.  Your GOP county chair may be able to assist you.  Perhaps the tea party in your county already has a copy and will share it with you.  Spartanburg Tea Party … you can contact me at [email protected] if you’d like your precinct list.

If you’d like to make postcards for your precinct, here is an instructional video!