Balance Sheet Victory on Debt Ceiling will NOT save the House

I heard my newly elected Congressman, Trey Gowdy, speak in our district today, and he seems very firm on NOT raising the debt ceiling.  He did allude to some Reps who some of us consider Strong Conservatives who are not on board with voting not to raise the debt ceiling.  Here’s an email I sent to Trey, thanking him for his position, and urging him to get the wavering Reps on board.

Please pass along to your less convicted colleagues in the House.  If the debt ceiling is raised, and it will not matter WHO voted for it … if the House votes to raise the debt ceiling, then those colleagues you mentioned who won by 1 or 2 percentage points, and many of the House members who won comfortably will not be there next election.  It’s not a matter of “we’ll primary you if you vote to raise it” … ‘cause I believe everyone should face a primary opponent from here on, I think we’ve learned that is just good business for politics.  Nope, it will be because that debt ceiling issue is the first clear indication by a vote that will be taken to determine whether those we sent to Washington heard us.  And whether things have changed.

And if that message is not sent clearly and without equivocation … then many people who have been fighting to get conservatives into office for 2 years will give up.  They will tune out.  They will stay away.  And … then … the cry WILL go up for a third party and once that happens, the House AND Senate AND White House will be lost.  Between the people who will then NOT vote Republican and WILL throw away their vote to a  third party and the Dems who will fight like hell for Obama’s re-election, the GOP will not be able to keep seats no matter how much work the tea party, the GOP, or the newly awakened activists do.

It doesn’t take as much thinking by general population to understand that the House voted to raise the debt ceiling as it would take to understand whether  we raised the debt ceiling ONLY BECAUSE we were guaranteed Program X would be defunded, or because we received 53% cuts in Budget Y in return, or whether the amount of money saved was over 12 months or prorated at 7 months.

On paper, that may be a balance sheet victory.

In reality, “the House voted to raise the debt ceiling” will be the only thing many, many people will hear and remember, they will not stick around to understand the financial nuances of “in response the GOP defunded x or realized savings of y”.

I’m hoping you can convince others that a balance sheet victory will not suffice on the debt ceiling issue.  The nation has said ENOUGH, yet equivocation of “let’s just see what we’re offered” … well the House leaders will just not be able to sell that to the people.

I trust you will be on the right side; please convince those House members with “itchy ears”.  Thanks.