SC GOP Chair Race and the Case for Precinct Involvement

With precinct reorganization approaching in about a month here in South Carolina we have to begin taking a look at some upcoming elections. Elections of our precinct officers in March. Elections of our county officers in April. Elections of our state officers in May. And if I can impress upon you the importance of becoming involved at the precinct level SO THAT you can have a vote eventually at the state level … here are two reasons why:

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Yep. Tea Party leaders elected to the highest office in the GOP party in the state, able to move their state and party to the conservative right. It behooves us to look at the SCGOP Chair candidates and their campaigns closely, since they will be in office through the 2012 presidential elections, and SC has a powerful role to play! So I read with interest this story by Wesley Donehue (you may remember him from Jake Knotts’ “raghead” comment made on Wesley’s Internet show … the one show that never got posted online with the rest of the shows) about the ramp up of Greenville County GOP Chair Patrick Haddon’s campaign with the list of volunteers, and coordinators and social media folks and a couple campaign managers and political directors and staff from state level campaigns.

On the financial side, he’s got some heavy-hitters going to bat for him. For instance, S.C. Federation of Republican Women president Betty Poe is said to be helping bring in the dollars to keep the campaign running. With the people joining up, Haddon’s finance operation looks pretty strong.

As far as staff goes, Todd Kincannon is the senior campaign manager, while Katie Welborn is the other campaign manager. Chris Godbey and Jon Parker are coordinating the grassroots, Kathryn Calhoun Dennis and Chandler Hudson are heading up the volunteer operation, while Katie Wiederman acts as political director and Somer Grasser handles social networking.

Wow. Lotsa people. Even S.C. Federation of Republican Women president Betty Poe said to be helping with “heavy hitter” financial connections. Sounds almost … inevitable. Except that … yesterday, Betty Poe emailed all the members of SC Republican Women’s Clubs stated emphatically that she was not and would not be endorsing or raising money for any SCGOP Chair candidates.

As President of the SCFRW, I have not endorsed or raised money for any candidate for SCGOP Chairman. I will not endorse or raise money for any candidate for SCGOP Chairman.

Please forward this information to all of your members.

Thank you,

Betty Poe

So, did someone jump the gun inadvertently by mistakenly attaching Betty Poe’s name to Haddon’s campaign? Or … was it an intentional unsubstantiated inclusion hoping to show the “inevitability” of Patrick’s campaign? Either way, not an auspicious beginning.

Tea party, we’ve learned how careful we need to be in vetting and voting for candidates for political office; we need to show the same careful diligence and have the same expectations in electing officers to our state GOP leadership. Contact the candidates, watch how they conduct their campaigns, consider what you want in a state GOP Chair, how similar to or different from previous state GOP leadership. Are they more likely to continue on the path of traditional GOP party leaders or … like Arizona and New Hampshire, do we have an opportunity to elect new party leaders in our states who will be passionate about taking the GOP up the tea party, liberty loving, “now is the time for a new accountability” path?