Precinct Reorg 4 min video .. Arm Yourselves!

The folks at Conservative.SC put together this SPOT ON video for use in explaining the progression of county precinct delegate through to national convention. Feel free to use it! The Spartanburg Tea party is using this video, plus precinct information, and even role play opportunities at our next meeting to “demystify” the precinct reorganization process. We are also attending our county GOP precinct reorg training scheduled early in February. We have two goals … 1) help people who have never before been involved in their precinct to understand how important this delegate position is and how easy it can be to get involved and 2) build their conviction that becoming a precinct delegate is their patriotic duty. And I don’t think I’ve ever typed those two words before. We’ll supplement these activities with some letters to the editor and calls in to our local talk radio. That’s our plan. What’s yours?