What is a Conviction? Is Voting Enough?

Here is a recent interview Jim McMillan, candidate for South Carolina HD36, had with Jason Spencer of the Spartanburg Herald Journal.

McMillan believes in what he considers the “right” amount of government — one that taxes enough to support core functions such as police, fire, schools and some entitlement programs — that doesn’t go overboard. He said one of the early lessons he learned that’s carried him through his business career is “OODA” — a military strategy originally designed for the Air Force that means “observe, orient, decide, act.” And he said if he goes to Columbia, he doesn’t intend “to be just one of many.”

“We need some new leadership,” he said. “We’re headed down a slippery slope here. There’s no doubt about it. We’ve got to stop that right now. And I think I can help stop that. I’ll stand up. I’m not one of the good-ole-boys down there. I’m not a 25-year career politician. I’m a 35-year businessman. And I don’t intend to make a new career. That’s not my intent. I believe in term limits.”

His opponent, incumbent Rita Allison is quoted in the article as saying, “I’ve voted for term limits every time it comes up in the House. If the state chooses to have term limits tomorrow, that’s fine. I feel good about my service.”

That raises the question in my mind … just what is a conviction? For example if I have a conviction that it is wrong to text while driving, and I understand I am putting others at risk if I text while driving, and as I am driving down the road I send you a text saying “It is wrong to text while driving, and I’ll ask my representative to vote YES to ban texting while driving” … Do I have a deep conviction about it? Or am I saying what you want to hear knowing I don’t have to impose any actions/disciplines on myself, thus betraying my supposed convictions?

Or … should I just take it upon myself to stop texting while driving, if my conviction is that is the right thing to do?

Jim McMillan will be speaking at the Spartanburg Tea Party meeting Tuesday October 12. Rita Allison was also invited, but she had a prior speaking engagement and could not be with us.