GOTV-Flip a Blue Seat to Red in SC06-without calls or door to door!

Powerhouse Five has another way to GOTV and flip a Democrat seat to Republican. Jim Pratt, who has been endorsed by ICAUCUS, is working hard to take yet another Dem seat away, this time from House Majority Whip James Clyburn.

The SCGOP has been slow to help Jim Pratt as mentioned by Uncle Bill at Redstate in August. So it’s up to us, the volunteers of the liberty groups, to make sure that Nancy Pelosi has a VERY VERY BAD DAY on November 2!

Powerhouse Five has a plan for those of us too far away to go door to door for Jim Pratt, and for whom making GOTV calls is not convenient.

You are pledging to purchase a book of 50 stamps, provide 50 envelopes and then hand address those envelopes with addresses that we will provide in Oct. There will be a page available for download, specific to each district.

After you download and print the 50 copies for the mail outs, you will stuff the envelopes and drop them in the mail. Please be advised that these downloads will not be available until mid Oct. because of the nature of the project.

We are nothing if not resourceful! So if you are not local to South Carolina District 6, yet would love to help flip a seat from Blue to Red, visit http://www.powerhousefive.com/pledge, sign up and in October have a little envelope addressing party with your family.