Ordinary folks in Upstate SC are going to flip SC05 from D to R

Six of us from the Greenville County and Spartanburg County Tea Parties drove up to Cherokee County in District 5 on Saturday in order to go door to door for Mick Mulvaney (www.mulvaneyforcongress.com). We met briefly in the morning with Eric Bedingfield, Mick’s campaign manager, and John Major, the Cherokee County GOP Chair. They spoke with passion about Mick’s campaign, gave us instructions on the logistics of going door to door and sent us out.

Dennis, Bill, Dave, Gwen, Jim, and I set out around 10 am and spent a few hours at our task. Dennis and I left for other obligations around 12:00 to 12:30, while Bill was just driving off to do another neighborhood. Dave, Jim, and Gwen were going to stop for lunch and then stay a while longer. All in all, a GREAT effort, many doors knocked, many pieces of Mick’s campaign literature left at homes.

At least that’s what I thought. Last night I found out that Dave, Gwen, and Jim continued to go door to door for Mick until 8:00 pm … until every walking list that was provided had been taken care of. They spent 10 hours going door to door for a candidate they could not vote for, in a district they did not live in, two counties away from home. And with travel time, that meant they spent almost 14 hours making sure that Nancy Pelosi will NOT be able to count on John Spratt to advance her progressive agenda when Congress reconvenes in 2011.

It kinda leaves me speechless. and humbled. and very proud.

(If you would like to volunteer to go door to door or make Get Out the Vote phone calls for Mulvaney SC05, Pratt SC06, Haley, or DeMint contact me at [email protected])