The Mulvaney/Spratt Debate Video! RAWR!!!!!

Those of you watching this race down here in SC05 know that we are working HARD at ousting one of Nancy Pelosi’s comrades, John Spratt. And we believe that Mick Mulvaney (www.mulvaneyforcongress.com) is going to take that seat! We have volunteers in many districts making GOTV calls for Mick, and crossing district lines to attend his events. (Yes, we have a lot to atone for ’cause of RINO Graham … we’re working on that also.)

There was a debate last night at the South Carolina Lions Club, but at the request of Spratt audio and video media were banned. Oh really? That was a challenge that SC5 CODE RED Political Director, William Stallings could not pass up.

Congratulations to SC5 CODE RED for making public debates … er … public! Maybe not the crystal clarity of an HD, wide screen, mega-media production, but precious to us voters in SC who want the truth and despise a coward who wants to stay off camera.

(Now if we can only get Wesley Donahue to release the video of SC Senator Jake Knotts’ June 3 ranting about Nikki Haley where Knotts called both her and Obama ragheads. Wesley, who derives income from the SCGOP stated on Facebook “What Senator Knotts said on Thursday’s show does not fit with our program and its goals.” Yeah I guess when you do work for SCGOP one of your goals may be to protect shameful behavior by an SC Senator.)

We still have some progress to make re: transparency but for today, thanks to SC5 CODE RED, the good guys get the nod.