A tiny gleeful moment of Bob Inglis karma

We here in Upstate South Carolina are well aware of soon-to-be-ex-Congressman RINO Bob Inglis’ disdain for the tea party movement. We heard about it from him on the campaign trail leading up the primary in June, we heard about it between the primary and the runoff 2 weeks later, and we’ve heard about it several times since the runoff, which he lost 71 to 29 percent … numbers which the tea party and liberty groups in the Upstate contributed to with much effort on many fronts.

If you didn’t follow Bob’s campaign and haven’t heard his take on the tea party, you can check out this recent article by David Corn at Mother Jones. Or watch one of Bob’s appearances on Hardball with Chris Matthews … if you can get through the whole thing.

Bob is pretty well known here in the Upstate for his series of town hall meetings called “Let’s Talk” … and to his credit he kept a very busy schedule of these traveling town hall meetings up during his entire political career. One of his “Let’s Talk” stops was at a Spartanburg eatery called Wades where he would regularly meet with local citizens/voters. This month, we learned that Bob was no longer going to host this “Let’s Talk” event, and one of the local C4L guys, who also has a foot in our Spartanburg Tea Party camp, asked Wades if he could have Bob’s vacated meeting time and begin hosting our own political meetings! So beginning this month tea party/C4L/liberty group folks will host monthly talks in Bob’s old time slot on local/state/federal issues and legislation, invite County Council candidates as well as Congressional and statewide candidates in for some Q and A.

I confess there is a bit of appreciation of the karma here.

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