Lee Cary at AT inspires my "Last Chance GOP!" rant

This article by Lee Cary at American Thinker has it EXACTLY RIGHT … this is your last chance GOP.

I spent hours and days and weeks during the health care run up faxing and calling and emailing.  We’ve learned that no one listened.  Intentionally.  I know millions of Americans did the same thing … and probably burn with the same anger that I have.  I’m angry at the ruling class of elite liberal politicians, and I’m angry at the Republicans who let it come to this.  But … I’m far angrier at the Republicans.

GOP … you have been warned by many with much more eloquent prose than I … Lee Cary among them.  Do not make the mistake of thinking our all out efforts to put you into office in November … our time, our money, our poll watching, our GOTV … do not think that those once in a generation efforts are because we want YOU … the GOP … in power.  We don’t really, but your platform and the political machine that comes along with your platform are our best hope of retaking our country and restoring a conservative and Constitutional America.  But believe me when I say … if we could take those seats in Congress, in our local statehouse races, at our county council level without having to vote for a single GOP politician, many many of us would.

And if you think that the outcry, the rallies, the visits to town hall meetings, and the relentless calls and faxes were unprecedented during health care, just try to get away with going back to reaching across the aisle, compromising, playing politics while our country decays further.  We expect you to immediately defund Obamacare and then repeal it in 2012.  We expect our borders closed pronto.  We expect those bailouts to be stopped, and repaid to taxpayers.  We expect obstruction at every single whiff of advancing a progressive bill.  We expect you to say no to all legislation except that which is necessary for a sound infrastructure and a strong defense.  We expect you to spend your time rooting out all the unconstitutional legislation that has passed and deconstruct it.  We expect you to govern according to Enumerated Powers, and we want that passed.  And we want a balanced budget amendment passed.  And we want the Fed audited.  We expect you to act as our representatives, as if we were on the floor voting with our indignation and anger at how our country has been weakened and our liberties curtailed.  We know you may not have the numbers, we want you fighting for all this anyway.

And if you don’t … we know our country will by then be lost anyway, and will have NO REASON to try to wrest it once again from the progressive left by voting Republicans into office in 2012.  We will know by 2012 whether the GOP has learned the lesson it needs to, and if we must, we’ll be willing to throw you over and fight for real revolution.

Cross posted from Spartanburg Tea Party