SC will attempt to oust Jake Knotts Saturday

Immediately after Jake Knotts repugnant use of the word “raghead” to describe Nikki Haley and Obama on an internet talk show on June 3, Patrick Hadden the chairman of Greenville County GOP and the First Vice Chairman of the SCGOP called for Jake Knotts’ expulsion from the SC Republican party.

Today Hadden and the Upcountry Coalition of Conservative Organizations held a joint press conference calling for SCGOP Chair Karen Floyd to join them in bringing about Knotts expulsion. The Coalition, which is comprised of 16 tea party and other liberty groups in SC Upstate region, is asking their organization members to call local county GOP chairs and urge them to support Hadden on Saturday during the SCGOP Executive Meeting when he will make a motion, and call for a vote to oust Knotts. Hadden says they need 26 votes to make this happen; there are 46 county GOP chairs and a few voting exec comm voting members. If passed, Knotts would not lose his current Senate seat, but he would no longer be able to run for public office in SC as a Republican.

SC voters proved this past Tuesday that the state is ready for reform. Voters selected Nikki Haley for GOV, Tim Scott in SC01, Jeff Duncan in SC03, Alan Wilson for AG, and several other conservative/reform minded candidates at various local offices throughout the state. SCGOP Chair Karen Floyd has used the word “reform” quite liberally … um … you decide whether pun is intended … since Tuesday, most recently in her video town hall yesterday. Ms. Floyd, Saturday you and the other voting members of the SCGOP will have the opportunity to show us whether the reform the voters overwhelmingly voted for Tuesday is the same reform you’ve been touting.

The (R) behind a candidate’s or serving public official’s name in SC should clearly indicate a Republican; a person of integrity, committed to limited government, sound fiscal policies, and government transparency. Jake Knotts use of the word “raghead”, and his continued arrogance in acting cavalierly about its usage shows the (R) behind his name stands for racist. Ms Floyd … members of the SC Exec Comm and SCGOP county chairs … when you meet in Columbia SC at 9:30 am at the Hilton located at 924 Senate Street, Columbia, SC 29201 (public welcome to attend) vote to expel Jake Knotts from the Republican party.