SC Rep Party First Vice Chairman calls for Knotts Expulsion

Patrick Haddon, SC Republican Party First Vice Chairman demonstrates that courage and conviction are not absent from the Republican party despite recent evidence to the contrary:

Fellow Republicans,

I cannot sit idly by and watch our Party be torn apart by Senator Jake Knotts’ bigotry. At the next state executive committee meeting, I will move for his expulsion from the South Carolina Republican Party. This is the harshest penalty the Party can impose, and it is more than justified in this situation.

I also call upon all Republicans endorsed by Senator Knotts to refuse his endorsement, and all Republicans who have endorsed Knotts to withdraw their endorsements. I especially call on our great congressman, Rep. Joe Wilson, to withdraw his endorsement of Senator Knotts, and on Roxanne Wilson to resign as Knotts’ campaign manager. The comments made by Senator Knotts are inexcusable and cannot be tolerated by our Republican Party.


Patrick B. Haddon
South Carolina Republican Party, First Vice Chairman
Greenville County Republican Party, Chairman