To the Republicans in the last majority

If you who sat in the Congresses of the recent last majority had championed and passed tort reform with the passion you exerted fighting Obamacare …

… this would not have happened.

If you had championed and passed lifting the restrictions of insurance companies to compete across state lines with the same verocity …

… this would not have happened.

But you wallowed in your comfortability, your “go along to get along” comity, your status quo, your bowing to special interests.  You had your eyes just far enough down the road to do little to shake your chances in the next election, to have nothing in your record for anyone to take issue with.  You focused on the trivial, you rode the earmark train to self congratulations, you basked in your position, and felt the security of fitting in the moderate track of your Party.

It’s been said that Obama and Co. are fiddling while the America burns down, and with it the futures and security of our children and grandchildren.

I contend that there are plenty of fiddlers from the Republican Party in the last majority who only recently put their instruments away, but the strains of the music they produced became the introduction to the tragedy our country experienced last night.