Is there a REAL tax revolt in the works?

The Tea Parties, other liberty groups and the Constitutional movement in general have been amazingly effective in stalling/stopping some of the progressive agenda of the Obama administration, but we are at the moment in our country’s history that may change our lives and liberties forever.  (can’t believe I’m typing that)

In the past few days I’ve read, and listened to, a real questioning of what will we do if the health care bill passes.  There are some (thank you Dan Perrin) who remain steadfast.  There are others who approach the threshold of suggesting physical (though still non violent) revolt.  I take them seriously.

With many of the tea parties dubbed “Tax Day Tea Parties” occurring on or near April 15 as a tax/spending protest, I am wondering if there is a strategic plan anywhere outlining an actual tax protest.  If you haven’t filed by April 15 … will you?  What would be the consequences?  Is there an as yet to be revealed legal outline of patriots not complying with paying our taxes in protest of, for instances, federal funding of abortion?  Lack of representation?  Health care mandates for our tax monies that are unconstitutional?  How about 1099 workers … who have not had taxes withheld during the year, any “en masse” strategy to not pay in by April 15?  Can a strength in numbers tax revolt have any effect except to screw up their credit or endanger their homes?

It would seem a measure between “waiting for November” and “physical confrontation”.  It would need to be clearly communicated to the vastest listening audience, with consequences outlined so everyone can determine if it’s a consequence they are willing to accept.  It is beyond my scope of knowledge and expertise to even begin to put together.

But I would be very interested in weighing the consequences.