Independence Caucus, Good Tool/Process for Congressional Candidates

One of the efforts that I recommend all conservatives check out, join, and participate in is the Independence Caucus. I do find the websites … yes there are a few companion websites to visit … a little confusing, but I have heard that they are working to steamline their sites, yay. So I’ll include links in this blog to take you to some of the pages I’ll talk about.

The Icaucus Home Page provides a series of videos which are extremely helpful in explaining how we got here. In the right sidebar you’ll see a link “Click here to find out how to join forces with us!” which will bring you with a few more clicks to this page with a national map where you can select and join your state group. You can also join several other groups of interest such as Candidate Vetting Questions or Marketing Materials.

The mission of the The Independence Caucus is to find, vet, endorse, and elect Congressional candidates who have committed to “Fiscal Responsibility through Adherence to Constitutional authority”.

To accomplish this, I-caucus has developed a process that properly identifies and qualifies the principles of any and all congressional candidates.

The process is an 80-question interview which is sent out to Congressional candidates. That questionnaire is available as a downloadable PDF file here.

Once the candidates return the questionnaire, they are interviewed online via “go to meeting” software with a panel of IC members from their local districts/state. The candidate can give a 7 to 10 minute talk on why they are running for office, then the questions that the candidate answered “no” to are discussed with the candidate offering rationale for their answers, and then a series of pre-submitted questions are asked of the candidate by the moderator. I have sat in on three interviews for local Congressional candidates in the past week (these are the only three candidates who have submitted their questionnaires thus far in my area) and you can listen to those hour-long interviews here:

Jim Lee, SC District 4

Neal Collins, SC District 3

Richard Cash, SC District 3

Further discussion via comments is available at those pages. Once all the candidates for a district who have agreed to participate in the interview process have completed their interviews, the IC district members vote on which candidate to endorse, and the Independence Caucus will then work toward that candidate’s election, from primary through general election. The Independence Caucus folks have worked for months on this process, and my personal experience is that these interviews offer the voters opportunities to get very specific questions answered, and an depth discussion of a candidate’s convictions, and offer the candidates the opportunity to have a knowledgeable and committed group of local voters working toward their election.