10 SC state senators vote to adjourn rather than fight for state's rights

I would think that my state, South Carolina, would be leading the way on the “never more important than now” fight for state’s rights. And I mean FIGHT! Not follow the “let’s make deals” strategy that Mitch McConnell so tragically and erroneously thought would give conservatives a victory in stalling or defeating the health care bill.

The Spartanburg Tea Party posts the contrasting statements on state sovereignty legislation currently before them from the two Republican viewpoints.

At such a time as this, it’s not enough to jostle for position and keep the peace. We’ve had enough of that. If it’s a war, then be warriors. Take every procedural advantage. Lead! Even in the South, in a very red state, we cannot take anything for granted … even that a South Carolina state senate, with a Republican majority, will do the necessary work to strongly pass state sovereignty legislation which SHOULD have been passed last session, but was left to wither.

Here is the list of those who voted to adjourn:
Thomas Alexander
Paul Campbell
John Courson
Ronnie Cromer
Wes Hayes
Jakie Knotts
Hugh Leatherman
Glenn McConnell
Billy O’Dell
Greg Ryberg