Gnashing of Teeth

Last night was one of those that I spent so frustrated and angry about how our country GOT HERE! I have in the past (before my recent awakening) gave a glance at other countries who seemed to have surrendered to crushing regimes and dictators and in my arrogance thought “Well they should have DONE something before it got to that point.”

I am so ashamed of that now.

Because we are right there.

And it will be by God’s grace, which we have experienced since the birth of our nation in the form of our liberty and the exceptionalism that liberty spawns, that we will/may recover. I say “may” because I’m not yet recovered from my angst of last night. Some days I am so afraid that too much power will have been grabbed by this administration for the small percentage of patriots who have awakened and joined those who have been SCREAMING for years to overcome. I believe that we will have great victories at the polls this year, but I fear that those victories will not be numerically enough. Or that we will not use our victories for complete reversal and denunciation of all the policies and laws that have already been passed.

And our current congress/senate members are not helping me overcome my angst. WHY are they not standing outside the closed doors? WHY? Why are they still oh so politely conforming to the niceties and cordiality of that institution which has become a dung heap of corruption? I had this post halfway written earlier today and then I read vassar’s RedState Diary. Oh so much more elegant than my I’M MAD WHY WON’T THE REPUBLICAN CONGRESS DO SOMETHING! wailing. So pat me on the head “now now, there there” then rush over to read that.

And sometime around mid afternoon today I’ll have a soda, plug in my fax machine, send some Dems a fax that pictures lemmings going over a cliff into a swath of pitchforks, look at my bank account to see if I can afford another $25 to Scott Brown, and make a few more calls to my friends inviting them to my meet and greet in a few weeks for Jim Lee, candidate for SC04.

And it really has helped to watch this video America Rising: An Open Letter to Democrat Politicians a few times. Hmmm … is there any way to put it on “continuous play”?

from Ordinary Sway