What I was doing last New Year’s Eve

I can’t remember. Not for reasons that have anything to do with imbibing adult beverages. I’m just not a big fan of the Auld Lang Syne, let’s recap the year, top 100 list of, blah blah blah. No family parties. Usually no special celebrations. Perhaps I had stocked up on snacks and was watching a few movies that I missed during the year. OH! And calming down my border collie who suffers from loud noise trauma. Darn those fireworks!

There are some New Year’s Eves past that I do remember of course. A grand “dress to the nines” corporate event I was invited to, complete with horn blowers and balloon drop. The year my then boyfriend’s band had a gig at a local establishment. The Y2K watch, that was some fun eh?

I am quite certain, though, that I will remember this year’s New Year’s Eve next year. Not so much for any big parties or plans. I will either be heartsick, mournfully and regretfully remembering the last NYE that I had some expectation that good would triumph, being mistakenly hopeful that we could elect enough local and national conservative candidates to STOP the destruction of our economy, health care system, and national defense …


I/we will be celebrating the end of a long year of hard work during which Americans stood up against tyranny, many conservative candidates were elected through sacrificial funding and campaigning, and our nation is finally on the verge of fragilely yet steadily regaining personal liberties and economic balance in anticipation of the reemergence of free market capitalism bolstered by a return of representative governing.

And I may be gleefully celebrating the devastation that we had delivered to all those politicians and media slimes we despise so much, and their special interest suck ups. OH PLEASE LET ME BE DOING THE HAPPY DANCE NEXT New Year’s Eve!!~!~!~~!~

from Ordinary Sway