GAH! GAH! They are TELLING us they will come aboard if only we fight harder!

One of the blogs I read daily not only for info and entertainment, but to soothe my troubled angst is Hillbuzz

Those gay guys in Chicago lay it down hard. They are definitely amusing and snarky (two GOOD qualities), but they are also well informed, and best of all … PISSED AS ANYTHING!

They are great writers and just put it on the line on many issues, but their trademark target is Obama’s treatment of Hillary during the campaign. They supported her and despise him and his administration and now the Democratic majority.

So I was PSYCHED to read the following in their column the other day as they pondered the future in regards the Dems passing healthcare:

We do not, however, think Republicans are tough enough. They aren’t fighting socialism hard enough. The GOP is not offering up a solid enough rebuke of Democrats’ behavior, with a firm battle plan to take back the country and set us all on a course towards prosperity again.

If Republicans did that, we don’t know where we’d end up on the spectrum, but think we’d be able to culturally stop calling ourselves Democrats at all if things reached that point.

And in reading the comments section I saw many similar comments saying basically there are people willing to call themselves “former Democrats” if only the Republican party will get their act together.

It is maddening. It is one of those things that I cannot wrap my brain around, how clearly we can see that the Republican party will be strengthened, not weakened, if we run to our strengths and call out LOUDLY and BLUNTLY the progressives/liberals. sorry for all the caps today. but I am yelling.

(These are the same guys, btw, who brought me to tears with their apology to the Bush family, the comments to that article now number over 1,300, very heartening when you need a fix of something good.)

from Ordinary Sway