What do we tell our Christmas converts?

I’ve always been a conservative, but admittedly it’s never before been a defining characteristic of how I viewed myself. It was the foundation of my decisions and thoughts, but more like a character trait, not how people defined me, such as “She’s a conservative and as such blah blah.” I was the ‘spay/neuter lady’ or ‘our editor” or even sometimes ‘his girlfriend’ or ‘DJ’s sister.’ But over the holiday I bet many of us were newly defined this year, as I was, when during a dinner I attended I was pointed out as the one who knows all about that healthcare thing.

As we are drawn into conversations while we spend downtime with friends and family this season about the healthcare bill, the big spending, and the myriad issues that we live and breathe each day that others give a passing glance to as headlines, where do we start? Some want to argue; those I ignore for now, if there are others around who are even only mildly but genuinely curious about asking questions and/or testing their conclusions based on their own observations. (People used to ask me in my spay/neuter field how to convince the guy down the road with the pit bull chained to a tree to neuter his dog. I’d tell them they could either spend fruitless hours trying to convince the currently unconvinceable, or they could spend those same hours giving good info to six other people who were looking for solutions for their pets … Which was more productive? Which gave you the result you wanted?)

So where DO I start when I find people who genuinely want more information, or even are ready to insert themselves into the process? I tend to overload with info, and to give them a list of all the websites and blogs I visit daily, all those I follow on Twitter, all the bookmarks I have sorted into categories that I can use to fact check … well it would make their HEAD EXPLODE! I began getting angry and frustrated and needing an outlet for such even before last year’s elections, so I was able to build my connection base as events unfolded, but to jump in now? Yikes.

Yeah, each person will be different and their questions and concerns will give me guidance on where to direct them. And I’ll figure it out as I go, with something a little more personalized than “watch Fox News” or “read the Constitution.” (Yes Cold Warrior, your blogs will be part of my chats also.)

It’s just a new realization for me, a recent activist myself, that “Civics 101, the 2010 version” has now become part of my responsibility as a patriot conservative, and I don’t want to screw it up.

From Ordinary Sway