We can’t all be Erick Erickson or Doug Hoffman

As the Tea Partiers and patriots rise up in 2010, building on the spontaneous events, on the numerous impactful blogs, on the persons of reason and passion who have become the new media voices of the determination to force the GOP back to conservative principles, and the coordinated efforts to identify conservative candidates to support/elect this coming year, we need patriots in all the societal strata of work, play, education, and politics. It is exciting to envision the local candidates we are all volunteering for and raising funds for standing in front of us in November giving their victory speeches. And we can pray that we’ll experience a national return to sanity, brought about either by the new Congress deconstructing the travesties of legislation we see currently being passed and/or the American electorate waking up to the sham and horror of how close we’ve been to becoming a socialist nation.

But we cannot focus solely on the political and media side of the fight if we want to push our nation off the perilous path to socialism and back onto the familiar yet newly appreciated path of American exceptionalism and liberty. It’s hard not to castigate ourselves for being so apathetic as a nation while our culture and mores overcame common sense and brought us to this scary time. But do it quickly. And then find your spot in line and begin pushing.

Malcolm Gladwell’s book “The Tipping Point” is one of my favorite reads, and also a source I go to for inspiration and straightening out my mind when I get stuck in circular or nonproductive thinking. A brief perusal of the Wikipedia site for those of you new to his concepts will provide an overview, and hopefully encourage a trip to the library or bookstore. But the point here is we can all find our place in line as Connectors, Mavens, or Salesmen and begin to push our culture back to one that celebrates conservativism. I understand that “we” outnumber “them” statistically, however, unless you are willing to dig for those stats, you’d be unable to come to that conclusion by daily observation of our country’s media discourse. The awarding of Oscars and Grammys, the textbooks in our children’s schools, the put down humor targeted at family values on TV are just some of the more visible examples of cultural decomposition, and most if not all of us have absolutely no avenue through which to affect change in those arenas.

But in order for those high level signposts of our nation’s at-large acceptance of liberal superiority to exist, we had to have accepted a lot of “slippage” on a day-to-day basis of our convictions over a long period of time. For whatever reasons, we didn’t challenge liberalism as if our society depended on our ceaselessly championing conservativism. Now we see, terrifyingly, that it did. We will not all run for public office, we will not all be the media voice of conservativism, we will not all sit on boards of education or foundations of funding. But we must all be champions of conservativism … Connectors, Mavens, or Salesmen … wherever we are.

So as important as the Erick Ericksons and the Doug Hoffmans will be this coming year and decade we will need the ongoing voice and vigilance of the everyday foot soldier. Librarians, insurance agents, PTA moms, movie reviewers must inform themselves and then challenge calmly with facts. Students, those who have lost jobs, stay-at-home moms returning to the workforce, and early retirees must find and take unpopular stands in new vocations which we’ve long ceded to the left, but must regain. Conservatives need to stand out as artists of all medias, non-profit professionals and volunteers, craftsmen, social workers, entrepreneurs, and athletes. Find your place in line, inform yourself, stand and give voice to your convictions, never let an incorrect liberal idea/argument in any arena go unchallenged. And begin to push. The tipping point will be so sweet.
from Ordinary Sway