We expect you to put things right

Was speaking with a friend yesterday and we were discussing how long it would be until we, the Tea Party people, could see some tangible victories, such as seats change hands. I know that our passion has played a part in the slow down of the health care bill, and I am encouraged to learn that Republicans have won 33 of an estimated 50 state legislative special elections since November 2008. But I’m Impatient! And I see day by day bills being passed and even worse … policies being put into place without passage through Congress such as the EPA decision declaring that carbon dioxide and five other greenhouse gases are pollutants that threaten public health and welfare. And my anxiety goes into hyperdrive. Is anyone keeping track of all the dangerous things this administration is doing so that we can undo it?

I optimistically envision a return to sanity when the grownups retake enough seats in Congress next year to begin deconstructing the socialist planks in our country’s not-so-long walk off the cliff. But I know that will probably not happen in 2010. But still … is anyone keeping track? Because eventually if we are committed to return to founding principles, common sense business practices, and a free market economy we have to ferret out all the insidious hidden clauses that are being passed by this Congress in bills no one is reading on the hill. And overturn all the damaging policies that czars and other non elected, non vetted officials have foisted onto the American public under cover of sycophantic media.

My best hope is that the Americans and organizations/businesses who deal in those industries that are impacted by these policies/clauses are keeping track. The farmers watching what is happening with land use, small business, the energy sector, and educators noting the changes that impact what is close to their heart … and wallet. Keeping a list in great detail of the laws and policies that must be overturned. And we’ll need those fresh, untainted and courageous new Congress folks and Senators who won’t fall back on traditions of “oh that’s just not DONE”, who won’t refer to people hell bent on destroying our capitalistic economy as “my friend across the aisle” to take up the restoration of founding principles by revoking any contrary law or policy currently being passed as their first priority.

And if that’s my best hope then my biggest fear is that they won’t. That we will all have spent 2 years fighting, faxing, speaking, attending events, making phone calls, baking cookies, walking in parades, hosting lunches, making signs, convincing our neighbors, speaking to strangers, blogging, driving countless miles, joining advocacy organizations, manning the polls to elect “the new breed” of representative to take back our country and that once they get there they will be somehow convinced by the enormity of the task or by “cooler heads” to follow a more orderly path. That revoking the socialist regulations will be seen as a task too outside the norm of what Congress traditionally is about, and to make their way slowly into the fray, gently rearranging some of the more odious restrictions on our liberties, but not riding roughshod over the established genteel process. I want FIGHTERS! I want to elect representatives to go KICK ASS! I want them to be willing to die on the hill of DC ostracism if needed to purchase back our liberties!

So you people with lists out there … keep them current. Whatever has been passed that impacts you note it well. And you who we are working so hard to elect … know that we expect you to put things right.

(from my blog Ordinary Sway)