When the Incumbent endorses the candidate you volunteer for .. BONUS!

SC Congressional Fourth is currently represented by Bob Inglis (R), who has some not so conservative views and votes. He voted for a Democratic resolution opposing the Iraq War troop surge of 2007, and has spoken against climate change skepticism, and offshore oil drilling. Some of us in the Upstate consider him a bit “wobbly” and it’s no surprise to us that there are four candidates now running for his seat.

Jim Lee is the candidate I’ve decided to volunteer for. He is a businessman, not a politician, who speaks plainly and with the same urgency and angst as I feel about not having a conservative voice representing us in DC. He speaks with respect and knowledge about the Constitution, does not mince words when it comes to corruption, spending, defense, health care, energy, or any of the issues that we are so focused on. He is an air force veteran, and a proud Tea Party Patriot.

I plan to interview Jim soon and will share more specifically his platform and plans, however, this was too good NOT to write about. Yesterday as we walked in a local Christmas parade in Simpsonville, SC Jim shared that Bob Inglis, in his weekly blog actually came “this close” to endorsing Jim! “If I had to lose this race, I’d want to lose to Mauldin businessman Jim Lee. I’m impressed by the spirit he brings to the race and by the soundness of his positions. He’s a committed Believer who’s in this race for all the right reasons.”

Ho! Ho! Ho!

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