Senator you DO represent me

I have a list of topics I want to blog about eventually, written up in my own shorthand, mostly consonants with some few vowels.  One of the topics reads “Sen AM yr constut, yr vot impt my LIFE!”

I like many of you spend the summer calling, faxing, and during one long 4 day stretch emailing every person in congress about healthcare/spending.  I used Project Vote Smart and either found their email addys OR filled in the web based form. The trick was that the web based forms are the most common methods available and you have to have an address/phone number that identifies you as one of their constituents. So I copied in the contact info from one of their district offices on the Project Vote Smart webpage. I don’t know how effective it was. But I felt like I was fighting back. And while it is untruthful, I slept just fine.

During the calling projects you can also keep their contact info open onscreen and identify yourself as from a zip code or town from their district when they ask … and they almost always ask. Cause they don’t really want to hear from you if you are not one of their constituents. Which makes me go “grrrr” since their vote impacts my life (see shorthand above).

You can make the valid point that while you can’t vote for them, you can donate to their opponents since money knows no constituent geography but by that time, they’ve disengaged. It seemed plain to me that every senator represents me since their votes impact national legislation and the national policies that are enacted as a result determine my liberties, my taxes, my safety, and at this time my healthcare. It’s not like they are voting on whether to put up traffic signals in their neighborhoods!

So I read with great satisfaction my Senator Jim DeMint’s article this week entitled “A Senator’s Job” in which he said “Senate seats are not about a particular state. They’re about our country. Every vote I take is not about South Carolina. It’s about the United States of America.” I think by pointing to it here, I can just cross off “Sen AM yr constut, yr vot impt my LIFE!” from my list of things to blog about.

(from my blog Ordinary Sway)