I've decided to Pink Slip

I have a jaded view of things at times.  I see offers to fax all of congress about a certain issue for $xxxx, or donate funds to this person or that website to run commercials in targeted states to affect votes or support conservative candidates.  But really how do we KNOW those funds are well spent?  I am willing to spend my money to make changes.  I will spend money on a campaign of a candidate I trust and respect.  It is time to sacrifice.  Money.  Time.  Reputations.  If not now … well we may not have another opportunity.

I think the deciding factor for me is what does CONGRESS say about these efforts?  Which ones do they hear about?  Which ones have the potential to make impact?  According to the videos here, both Michele Bachmann and Jim DeMint say that the World Net Daily Pink Slip Campaign is being noticed by Congress.

So tomorrow I’m going to spend the $29.99 and join the 8 million people who have had personalized pink slips sent to every member of Congress.  It’s possible the some of my time and efforts will not bear the fruit I want during this struggle.  But sometimes it’s knowing that my voice is even potentially being heard … that I are doing “something” the best I can today that give me a bit of peace and perspective.  For those moments of panic when I think I’m not doing enough!  I should do something now!  Can I work harder?  Learn more?  Then I count and reflect on the tangible things I have done this year to make sure that the 2010 (and 2012) elections bring conservative leaders to office, and help stall the insanity of socialist policies from becoming law.  It’s calming when I get overwhelmed to remember I faxed, I donated, I called, I showed up.  These efforts may not all be bull eyes, they may not all help in the way I hoped, but they DO help me.

(from my blog Ordinary Sway http://bourque77.blogivists.com/)