The day I "got" the Constitution

As I began to examine what I knew about congress, bills, spending, personal liberty, government power, states’ rights, and the Constitution I had to admit I knew very little.  I had the basics we all pick up from civic class.  I knew the Fifth Amendment meant I didn’t have to testify against myself in a court case … more or less … and I really only knew that from TV.  I knew the Second Amendment gave me the right to bear arms, which meant I could own a gun.  As for the rest, well it was so long ago, and let’s see, um, the courts and lawyers and politicians took care of all that right?

As I got involved with the Tea Party movement and met some folks with a deep respect and love for our Constitution I found myself intrigued by their discussions about how prescient our founding fathers were and how they wrote a document which, had we paid attention and held our congress and government accountable would have prevented our current disastrous economy, put a stop to the alarming erosion of our personal liberties, and kept us saner and safer from enemies both foreign and domestic.  We were warned by them not to drift away from it, yet they predicted we would.

One day I came across a blurb somewhere that brought me to Arizona Representative John Shadegg’s efforts in each year he’s been in Congress to introduce the Enumerated Powers Act. Holy Cow what a concept! Talk about a light bulb moment … Having each bill introduced into Congress state the specific constitutional authority under which the law is being enacted!

Kevin Craig, candidate for Congress in Missouri has a very detailed page with tons of data and a list of all of the enumerated powers and duties of Congress in plain English at his site, with specific links to Healthcare and Education. The Tenth Amendment Center has a page listing the powers that our founders determined to be outside of federal reach. I’ve spent hours over days over weeks reading and understanding more and more how brilliant these early patriots were, and how far we’ve come from their vision. Enumerated Powers became my favorite two words and I asked everyone I had conversations with to look them up. While we move forward to restore our liberties, rein in our OUT OF CONTROL government, elect candidatures who commit to follow Constitutional principles, we could do a lot worse than beginning with compelling our candidates to sponsor and vote for the Enumerated Powers Act. I bet we can count on Representative Shadegg to continuing introducing it.

(from my blog Ordinary Sway http://bourque77.blogivists.com/)