Thoroughly equipped

The week after the 2008 elections I heard a woman call into a talk show and (paraphrase) declare that “this is it! I’m going to get myself ready to do battle! I’m going to get in shape, eat better and Quit Smoking!”

and I knew immediately what she meant.  It was time to take stock. Realize that our comfortable lives had to be disrupted.  Remake ourselves for a showdown none of us ever EVER imagined would take place in our lifetimes.  Surely this was what we read about in textbooks.  This battle for freedom and liberty.  THOSE people, those patriots from long ago had sacrificed family, time, careers, standing in society, health, leisure, schooling … lives … to bring forth a free nation.

The thing is, they sacrificed as we will never know for the “hope” the “dream” of America.  It was a concept that no nation had ever before realized, and they had no assurance that when their fight was done, their ideas captured, their Constitution written, and their republic launched whether it would survive.  We have the benefit and the privilege of hindsight, most of us having lived our whole lives without a fear of tyranny, and with a casual expectation of unlimited freedom.

So now it is our turn.  I feel foolish comparing my struggles with theirs. So let’s equip ourselves in every way and here is a start.  Get Fit! Bring yourself to the best physical shape you can, there will be long days, missed meals, marches and events.  Get centered, rid your body of toxins, eat healthy and nourishing food so your wits will be keen.  Be a warrior.  You’ve made these lifestyle changes before for far less important reasons right?  Take a 30 minute walk each day and work up from there.  It seems small, but it is something we all can do!  With every step, for each banana we eat instead of sweets, with every unhealthy habit we deny ourselves we can have a “Take That!” satisfaction.

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