a serendipitous icy storm

In late Feb/early March as I began seeking information/advice on “what can I DO?” I came across a now-forgotten article in the myriads of websites I gobbled up that talked about the importance of researching local candidates, getting involved in the political efforts in your precinct.  My precinct?  Hmmm well I knew where my voting place was, visited it every election day.  But up to now I never gave a thought to how those local candidates actually arrived on the ballot.  They were Civic Minded Folks, or else they were People With An Agenda.  They were mostly either Republicans or Democrats looking to add something to their resume.  Perhaps with an eye to eventually gain a seat on County Council.  Or even accede to being a representative at our State capital.

That same week I attended (sitting way in the back, mouth shut ears open cause this was such a foreign experience for me) a meeting for young conservative leaders who I found out on the radio were planning a Tea Party in Greenville in April.  Someone speaking at the meeting happened to mention that a few days prior, the annual precinct reorganizing meeting had to be cancelled because of an icy storm (a RARE SC phenomenon) and the make up meeting was scheduled for March 23.  Huh?  This sounded like something I needed to get in on, based on my recent research.  And how fortuitous that although I didn’t know anything about the original date, I now had the info about the make up date!

Arriving at a local hotel that night I found the meeting room JAMMED with clamoring folks.  Turns out this year’s reorganizing was quite contentious due to allegations by this faction about the current party chairman, with insinuations of misdeeds, misuse … yep this was the politics you always dreaded.  But wasn’t that why I wanted in?  To play a small part in setting things right?  I staked out the sign with my precinct label on a table waiting to be claimed by my precinct captain.  A couple high energy women arrived who “were someones” in my precinct and I introduced myself and followed them.  I didn’t understand all the discussions that evening but I filled out a few papers, met about 10 folks who obviously knew what was going on, got a few questions answered and left as an official precinct delegate.  I was overwhelmed yes, but very proud that I was about to get to work in whatever way presented itself, and that however small my voice was, I was going to be heard.

(from my blog Ordinary Sway http://bourque77.blogivists.com)