and now ... I'm blogging

never thought I’d blog. who’d care? what do I have to say? have plenty of outlets for blah blahing through email, twitter, second life, regular life, spay/neuter community.

then last september 24 as I was driving home at 2:55 p.m. I heard on the radio that McCain had suspended his campaign to return to DC to take part in the bailout negotiations.  I started crying. and swearing. and got cold chills. I knew that was the moment when the liberals … I had yet to learn enough to call them the progressives … won.  And I knew that we were betrayed by the people elected by some Americans and sent to Congress who had set up the housing market to lean fatefully heavily on Fannie and Freddie, who had sworn that everything was “fine”, who had denied President Bush’s calls for reform over and over.  [and if I knew enough about blogging to figure out how to insert URLs here I’d point you to a few articles … google President Bush Fannie Freddie for some info … and I’ll make it a point to learn my way around the techno parts of blogging]

so I hunkered down and ate chocolate and petted my dogs and pondered moving to the country and dropping off the grid.  I seriously did.  I zombied my way through the elections, then through the holidays.  I worried about my mental health, thinking I should perhaps find a way to regain some equilibrium and perspective somehow, but finding it easier just to stay hunkered.  watch more mindless television.  watched the news but always muted because the sound of the voices of the new administation made me ill.

Then on February 19 I unmuted to hear Rick Santelli’s tea party rant and I began crying and pacing, only this time with the teeniest bit of hope.  THERE!  SEE!  THERE!  LOOK!  someone saying what I felt.  Live and in color and noticeable!  and boy was notice taken.  In the next few weeks TEA PARTIES were held and a rant became a movement.  I missed the first round because I was still adrift, but by the April 2009 Tea Parties I was onboard, had attended planning meetings with a local group for weeks, and I coordinated the volunteers for the Tea Party in Greenville SC which drew 10,000 patriots.

It was wonderful and therapeutic and exciting and there was FINALLY something I could do with all my angst and anger.  Since February I’ve learned a lot, and done a lot of things and met a lot of people and called, and emailed, and sent faxes and letters.  And now … I’m blogging.

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