CONGRATULATIONS! Your Irony's Showing.

CONGRATULATIONS!  Your Irony’s Showing!

By Karen Cacy

Regarding “A Plea to Dr. Carson Voters in South Carolina,” diary posting today on RedState.com, and its plea to South Carolina voters to switch their votes to Ted Cruz from Dr. Ben Carson,


Rush Limbaugh likes to characterize saboteur callers as “Seminar Callers.”  Methinks I dost smell a “Seminar Caller” right here on Red State.

If the writer is for real, one wonders then why the heck vote for anyone, if you’re that cynical?  Life in Venezuela, I hear, has limited choices for political leadership.  Ditto, Cuba, Russia, and North Korea.  If the Republican primaries are not an open process whereby voters can collectively determine the next GOP candidate, why should any of us even bother?  Let’s allow the political class and the Drive-By Media to retain control so they can continue telling us what to think and who to vote for.

Articles such as this one are nothing short of toxic.  They eschew individualism, choice and a fair fight in exchange for dreams of a Banana Republic.

Congratulations.  Your irony’s showing!