Feel the Bern!

By Karen Cacy


Communism is murder and socialism is suicide.

One doesn’t need to be a political scientist to grasp these truths; only to have lived through the fifties.  The images of a shattered Russia are still with us to this day.  The bread lines, the ‘special markets’ for the elite, the old women on the streets of Moscow dressed in rags.

Or, how about 2016 North Korea?  Want to vacation there anytime soon?  No, didn’t think so.

That’s Communism.

Then there are all the other countries around the world using “Communism-Lite,” or as it is euphemistically called in Europe and by Candidate Bernie Sanders, “Democratic Socialism.”  The small, ethnically non-diverse countries of Norway, Sweden and Denmark, come to mind.  So do the many African and South American fiefdoms.  Cradle to grave government assistance for all sounds like a political philosophy even the densest can grasp.

Can the United States finally emulate those Social Democracies, as certain leftist professors; Hillary, Barack, and Bernie; and the main-stream media espouse?  Shall we once and for all embrace ‘fairness’ in all its glory and chuck our out-dated notions of individual initiative, read ‘greediness’?  Shouldn’t we let the great leveler of us all, ‘The State,’ handle things?  After all, who can better dictate supreme, unyielding fairness, wherein everyone is treated equally regardless of individual achievement?

And, after all, aren’t ‘they’ better equipped to run our lives for us?  We’d just mess things up anyway, flawed humans that we are.

Socialists would forever do away with bullies in our society (not counting themselves, of course.)  Instead they would place us all on the low road of decreased expectation and mediocrity so that no one person would find himself on a lower rung thereby having his or her feelings hurt.  The great levelers would prefer to stifle all initiative by assigning us all to ‘manna’ from the central pot.

“Viva La Liberte’?  Not bloody likely!

The road we find ourselves on, the one offered us by the American Socialists would finally put us in our places.  ‘They’ will take control because we are either too dumb or too greedy, or both to do it ourselves.  They would remove the ‘sharp knife’ of competition and struggle from our pitiful, grasping hands.

In its place, they’ll create an ideal nanny state.  There will be a regulation guiding our every step in life, watchers to ensure we obey, a decimation of the rich, and some sort of gruel guaranteed to land in every pot.  Remember government cheese?  You’ll like it.  No, really you will.

At long last we can emulate that island of socialist nirvana, Cuba, and countries just like it.  Maybe they’ll even use the island’s template for the camps where ‘they’ might send us to ‘get our heads right.’

So, yes, Socialism or its media twin Democratic Socialism will surely be for our own good.

And who will provide these guidelines?

‘They’ will, of course.  You know, the ones in power.  The ones shopping at their own elite markets as the rest of us learn to get over our fixation on crème fraiche and other similar high-minded ingredients.

The socialists will tax our income in the ninety percentile.  They’ll empower the IRS, with its mean-faced, clipped nose guardians to ensure no one has too much.  That wouldn’t be nice.  Wouldn’t be seemly.  Never mind what ‘they’ have.  Doesn’t matter.  Because their wealth and luxury is due them for their high-mindedness, their belief in the equality of all, their politically sensitive speech patterns.

They’re right, of course. Capitalism is a lousy way to run a country.  Except for all the other ways.

After all, the only good thing about free enterprise is it’s free.