Sound Bite Nation

Sound Bite Nation

By Karen Cacy


Dr. Ben Carson has a problem.  He’s intelligent, with a sound candidacy for the Republican nomination, and he’s got reasoned positions on a host of issues.  But that’s not what we’re looking for in a candidate.

We are busy.  We need short staccato sound bites.  Yeh, yeh, I’ve got it.  Now, on to the next thing.  Or person.  Or job.  Or task.  Like, surviving.  We haven’t got time for the measured approach of a Dr. Ben Carson.  We need it now.  We need it fast.

Plus, we seem to prefer loud showmen who are tinged with a touch of larceny.  Think JFK, Bill Clinton, Donald Trump.  Scoundrels, all.  Not some family man with values.

Once, Dr. Carson mused aloud about what the pyramids’ purpose was.  As storage for grain, perhaps?  The media pundits went wild.  He speculates on settled history?  He thinks outside the box?  How dare he?  Who does he think he is?

Well, I’ll venture a guess who he thinks he is.  He thinks, therefore he is.  Let me repeat that:  He thinks.  Therefore, he is.  How’s that for a short sound bite?!

A man who will assemble the best and the brightest inside the White House.  A man who’s polite and soft-spoken.  A man who knows how to perform triage on a troubled nation.  A man who reasons and is reasonable.

Not a narcissist.  Not a showman.  Not a professional politician.

America, I’m begging you.  Listen to this man who is taking us beyond the sound bites.  Give reason a chance.  God knows, a sound bite nation has been ill served to date by the all those quick and dirty answers.  No more weasel words.  Action.  Reason.  Good-bye, sound bite nation.