The One Left Standing: Dr. Ben Carson Helps Student.


The One Left Standing:  Dr. Ben Carson Helps Student.

ALERT the Media!

By Karen Cacy


It’s almost amusing, if it weren’t so predictable, that the top GOP candidates for President are engaging in and being engaged by vicious assaults, innuendo, and false stories.  While each candidate unfortunately has their own recent example, be it from another candidate or from the ‘drive-by media,’ Dr. Ben Carson’s seem the most egregious, given his polite demeanor and the issues-based campaign he and his followers have waged thus far.

Recently, Dr. Carson addressed a bunch of elementary students and gave special, personal attention to one student who was identified as a not very good student.  In light of Dr. Carson’s rough start as a student himself, he was uniquely suited to reach the boy.  A man who wears his religion proudly, Dr. Carson is a man who actively practices kindness wherever he finds himself – even while in the midst of a harsh, dog-eat-dog political race.

The criticizers perhaps have missed Dr. Carson’s well-documented history of giving to children his entire adult life . . . through intricate, life-saving pediatric surgeries, through being a good father to his own children, and through the foundation he and his wife, Candy, have generated to provide reading rooms in schools across the country.

The Ben Carson Reading Project is an initiative of the Carson Scholars Fund.  The first Ben Carson Reading Room was established in 2000 at Hall’s Cross Roads Elementary School in Aberdeen, Maryland. Since that time, the Carson Scholars Fund has established over 138 Reading Rooms in 17 states and Washington D.C. Reading Rooms can be found in schools in California, Colorado, Connecticut, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Maryland, Michigan, Mississippi, Missouri, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia, and Washington, D.C.

But the ‘nattering nabobs of negativity,’ NNNs,  in the media and on the left and the right are so desperate to knock Dr. Carson, ‘outsider,’ from  the race, they’ll do anything or say anything to discredit a private citizen who has the unmitigated gall to believe he can run the country.  But, think about it for a moment.  Do the NNNs really want to go there?  Do they invite a foot race with Dr. Carson as to which candidate or party has done the most for children?


Fine.  Let’s go there.  On the left we have out of control spending that requires hefty and ongoing loans from China, a country we do not trust ultimately to ‘play nice’ with the USA.  Their rationale for this malfeasance is ‘the children.’  We’re doing it for ‘the children.’  We’re bankrupting the country for ‘the children.’

Or, how about that right?!  Sitting by.  Refusing to use the constitutionally established means to counter such actions.  Afraid they’ll be called racist if they oppose an out-of-control President.  Fearful of a media that’s long since forgotten dispassion and their job to report the news.  Fearful, perhaps, of losing their jobs in the measure.

So the country ticks along, creating a time bomb of monumental proportions for ‘the children’ to repay on their watch.  In the meantime, one candidate has the nerve to campaign as an outsider, to have the ideas of his fellow citizens, and to storm the gates of Washington equipped with his compassion and principles intact.

Yes.  Dr. Ben Carson needs to go.  By any means necessary.

Because, you understand, it’s for ‘the children.’