Anyone but Obama/Clinton

 “Anyone but Obama/Clinton”

By Karen Cacy



Let’s begin with the obvious to anyone who’s been watching:  ANY Republican candidate will do a far better job at the presidency than the current president or his ‘hair apparent,’ Hillary.


That said, let’s have a look within the crowded, but tightening field of candidates.  Let’s project them past the primaries, past the general election and right into the Oval Office.


Donald Trump:  We love him.  He’s crashed the Political Correctness bubble for good and all.  Although he’s very wealthy, he reflects the views of many of us living outside the Beltway.  Basically, his and our views boil down to one question when it comes to the Washington establishment:  “Are they nuts?!”


Downside:  He’s not a free market guy.  He seems not to believe in the separation of the government and the economy; he has spoken of trade restrictions; and his use of Executive Powers might exceed even Barack Obama’s.


Ted Cruz:  We appreciate Ted.  He went to the barricades as Senator, fighting the evil forces in both parties.  He has principles, values, and the cunning of a Harvard debater.  We’d love to see him debate Hill.  What a rout that would be!


Downside:  But once in office, Cruz will inherit the relationships he’s already sown.  He’s blown up a lot of bridges in Washington.  A town that runs on decorum and long memories, will not soon move aside for a Cruz presidency.


Marco Rubio:  A Hispanic candidate.  A speaker par excellence.  A man who gets it and speaks eloquently about the nation’s current war on terrorism.


Downside:  He’s young.  He wants the presidency too much.  If someone’s entire existence is wrapped up in attaining a certain goal, how hard will he fight to keep it, once achieved?  The answer is too hard.  He could be manipulated, told he can ‘graduate’ so long as he ‘cooperates.’  There’s real danger in his ambition.


Chris Christy:  He opened the door for Donald Trump.  He took on the ‘lame stream media,’ and put them in their place.  He’s a brash, in your face politician who isn’t afraid to say what he means and to defend it.


Downside:  Let’s begin with that hug on Obama, a hug that may well have lost us an election.  Go on from there to the bridge.  Let’s just say, Christy will do whatever it takes to get the job done.  Is that how we want to roll?


Dr. Ben Carson:  A soft-spoken former pediatric neurosurgeon, who the hell does he think he is, running for the top political job in the nation?!  The answer:  He’s a private citizen with the unmitigated gall to claim ownership of his country.  To have views outside the ‘conventional wisdom’ of the Washington Beltway and the political class, be they Democrat or Republican.


Downside:  He’d change the political tone and rhetoric inside Washington.  He’d hew to the Constitution, a document many have long since thrown overboard as a dated agenda.  He’d attend church and mention God in his speeches.  He’d support the rights of unborn children over cavalier abortions.  (Note:  All abortions, of course, are not cavalierly performed.  However, many are.)  He’d take us all the way back in a sort of time machine to the views of our Founding Fathers, a bunch of white guys who left England to be on their own.


Finally, Dr. Ben Carson would be our second black president.  The first one was a real disappointment on every level.  Dr. Carson, with his eschewing of political correctness would be our most recent ‘citizen president.’  In other words, he’d be us.  In the White House.    Making common sense decisions based on facts instead of the establishment’s self-serving agenda. 


Gentility.  Politeness.  Incredible patriotism.  A problem solver.  Us.  Who better to represent us going forward?!