"Noise Pollution"

“Noise Pollution”


Karen Cacy


            They’ve studied it.  They know.  Eating in noisy restaurants nullifies the pleasure of the dining experience.  Why?  Apparently, they say, our bodies can assimilate only so many assaults on our senses at any one time.  Apparently, according to researchers, noise negatively impacts our senses of smell and taste.  When one lays out a king’s ransom (these days,) to dine in elegant surroundings, one hopes to actually be able to taste the high-priced fare!

What, in Craig Claiborne’s name, does any of this have to do with the current race for the GOP presidential candidate?  Plenty.  Because the din is increasing as all sides rush to the finish line.  The GOP establishment is off in the not-so-background, caterwauling about ‘experience,’ as if that ever meant anything in Washington!

Name-calling has taken on a whole new art form with subtlety taking a back seat.  Recall the old days of Lyndon Baines Johnson when he was senator from Texas.  He was going on and on about an opponent, accusing the man of various licentious acts and missteps.  Finally, an LBJ aide, unable to take his rants a moment longer said, “You know all that’s not true.”  To which our political lion responded, “Ah, hell, I know it’s not true.  But I LOVE to hear him deny it!”
As the old saying goes, “Let the games begin.”

Except, it’s not a game.  Korea is exploding test bombs for Iran and Pakistan.  Saudi Arabia’s probably arming up, as if they haven’t already.  Our military’s decimated and lacks the support of a feckless administration.  We could go on and on.  But everyone by now recognizes politics as a zero-sum game.  There are no winners; only survivors.

What a way to run a country!

Enter:  Dr. Ben Carson.  He stands alone, quietly providing cogent responses to a nation on the precipice.  But can you hear him above all the other noise of electioneering?  He’s the one standing at the center of the heart of our country, quietly offering up solutions.  He doesn’t dodge an agenda-driven media.  Rather, he provides conscientious full-throated answers rooted in history, sound policies, and careful thought.


But our media landscape is filled with loud voices, pontificating pundits, and many with the scent of power close at hand.  In other words, things have entered the insanity phase.  One man, and one man alone, is keeping his head as all around him have lost theirs.  Oddly, the man is a former brain surgeon.  Go figure!


Let’s pay closer attention to the quiet voice among us.  He’ll never make the tabloids.  He’ll never ‘love to hear his opponents deny it.’  He’ll never play with the electorate as a cat does with a captive mouse.


Dr. Carson is a citizen first and foremost.  In that way, he is us.  He gets it and he’s our voice for the future.  There is no better man for the job than Dr. Ben Carson.


Can you hear him?