Refugees from Common Sense

Refugees from Common Sense

By Karen Cacy

There’s a town somewhere in America where common sense is spoken.  Have you been there?  In this town, people are taken as they are, not as they were programmed to be.  People speak frankly, although with sincerity and heart.  Here, no one is overly impressed by Cadillac educations.  What counts is the ability to take a group of facts and arrive at an opinion, independent of outside manipulation and influence.

Of course you’ve never been to this town.  It existed in the fifties.  Christian songs were sung in public schools, the Pledge of Allegiance was repeated with reverence, and the news was, by and large, actually the news.  One could count on the American way.  And not just count on it, but love it in the measure.  Our parents were generally right, even when they weren’t.  Teachers were to be respected, because they commanded respect.

Enter, Dr. Ben Carson, an individual with tons of common sense.  If he sees something, he says something.    He uses his considerable intellect to solve problems.  He calls balls and strikes without regard to political correctness or the recent assaults on free speech.

For these qualities, he is vilified.  For those of us who recall the town of common sense, we know how he feels.  We have been wandering in the politically correctness wilderness these past years and yes, it’s been very lonely.  Now, at last, we have a friend, a fellow American undeterred by the naysayers and others who would fundamentally change America.  It’s a new era.  A children’s neurosurgeon is leading us back to our selves.  That feels good.  We are no longer alone and lonely in an America that’s rediscovering the value of good old-fashioned  common sense.

We welcome the concept of a Citizen President.  We hope that will be Dr. Ben Carson.  But with or without the doctor at the helm, his influence will last long past this presidential election.  Because politics as we know it has changed forever.  Common sense is back.  And for that we have Dr. Ben Carson to thank.