Congressman Dennis Moore’s constituents ‘greet’ him at JCCC today trying to have their voices heard

45 AM

A group of concerned citizens met in a parking lot north of Johnson County Community College (JCCC) about 6:45 this morning and listened to Congressman Dennis Moore on KMBZ news radio before ‘greeting’ him upon his arrival at JCCC.

For months Congressman Dennis Moore has not been willing to meet with many of these constituents, who are frustrated with the huge stimulus spending, the House passing the “Cap and Trade” bill that will increase taxes, and more recently, health care reform that is being rushed through Congress.  Those listening to Moore on the radio in the parking lot today feel Congressman Moore is not listening, and is not voting in Congress as the fiscally-responsible  “blue dog” Democrat he claims to be.

On KMBZ Congressman Moore responded to questions from E.J. and Ellen on a number of issues.  [See Moore: No public meetings with angry constituents for KMBZ audio.]

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