Questions for Ben Bernanke (video) at KC Federal Reserve Forum

Question for Ben Bernanke at "Audit the Fed" Rally at Congressman Dennis's Moore office yesterday

Question for Ben Bernanke at “Audit the Fed” Rally at Congressman Dennis’s Moore office yesterday

Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke will being taking questions in a forum at the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City on Sunday, July 26 from an audience of 40 people.

From the News Hour’s web page:

On July 26, Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke will join Jim Lehrer in Kansas City, Mo., for an on-the-record forum about how the central bank has responded to the financial crisis and its changing role on the road to economic recovery. The forum will air on the NewsHour during the week of July 27.

A media alert from The News Hour said

… the audience is being gathered with the help of Kansas City public television station KCPT and other local community organizations.

E-mails to both Anne Bell at The News Hour and Nick Haines at KCPT in Kansas City have not been answered about how this audience was chosen, and in particular, what “other local community organizations” means.  This question also has not been answered:

What attempts were made to ensure there will be a diversity of opinions among the invited guests that will ask questions?

Organizers of an “Audit the Fed” rally held yesterday at Congressman Dennis Moore’s office in Overland Park were asked if they knew anyone who was invited to the event on Sunday at the nearby Kansas City Federal Reserve.

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