1100 Sign Petitions for Congressman Dennis Moore to support “Audit the Fed” Bill (video)

Yes We Can

About 115 attended a late afternoon  “Audit the Fed” rally today outside Kansas Congressman Dennis Moore’s office in Overland Park.  The rally was organized by the Johnson County Campaign for Liberty group.

With fairly tight Overland Park police security on the grounds, a smaller group entered Dennis Moore’s office and delivered 1100 petitions asking him to join the three others in the U.S. House from Kansas in supporting the “Audit the Fed” bill (H.R. 1207, Federal Reserve Transparency Act of 2009).

Michael from Moore’s staff accepted the petitions and listened to concerns from the smaller group about why Moore should become a cosponsor for the bill.  “I’ll certainly pass the concerns along.” One member of the group asked for a video response by Congressman Moore.

Michael thanked the group for their civility and respect for the office since “we have an increasing number of angry people that come through the office.”

See the video below:

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