Why does President Obama think California’s economy is “keeping pace with the rest of the country”?

Energy Secretary Steven Chu and President Barack Obama

Energy Secretary Steven Chu and President Barack Obama

At a White House press conference today President Obama and Energy Secretary Chu revealed several actions they claimed would promote energy efficiency while saving Americans billions of dollars annually.

Some of the mandates include forced changes on energy conservation standards for household and commercial lighting and forced changes on incandescent and fluorescent lamps.

My wife has already made me replace some of the compact fluorescent lights (CFL) in some parts of our house, so I’m not sure she’ll be happy with these lighting changes mandated for 2012.

Do common citizens understand today’s light bulb mandates?  Will common citizens only find out when some light bulbs may no longer be available for purchase in 2012, or only at a much higher price then?

President Obama’s statement about the California economy to justify the energy changes seems incredible:

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