ProKanDo PAC chief now at Missouri Progressive Vote Coalition

Julie burkhart, Chair, ProKanDo PAC at Kansas Governmental Ethics meeting in November

Julie Burkhart, Chair ProKanDo PAC, at Kansas Governmental Ethics meeting in November

The April 2009 ProVote News, the newsletter of the Missouri Progressive Vote Coalition, announced that Julie Burkhart was their new Executive Director.

Kansas newspaper reports as recently as late March quoted Ms. Burkhart as the Executive Director of the ProKanDo PAC, but an April 16 Wichita Eagle article quoted “ProKanDo’s former executive director, Jule Burkhart.”

This is a curious move given Gov. Sebelius’ likely departure from Kansas to be Health and Human Services Secretary.  With Gov. Sebelius out of Kansas, there has been considerable speculation about what Dr. Tiller and his ProKanDo PAC might do politically. Read the rest of this entry »