The 2nd Annual Sammies -- pictures of celebrity presenters and winners

The Sammie Awards

The Sammie Awards

On Saturday night the Sam Adams Alliance held their 2nd Annual Sammies Awards Banquet near Chicago to honor those on the forefront of defending individual liberty, limited government, and economic freedom in America.  About 300 attended the event.

The Sammies is a contest recognizing bloggers, filmmakers, open record champions, tweeters, and other government watchdogs committed to advancing individual and economic liberty.  A total of $40, 000 in cash prizes was given to the winners.

Celebrity award presenters were the highlights of the evening, including Michelle Malkin, Stephen Moore, John Fund, Jonathan Hoenig, Vicki McKenna, Mary Katharine Ham, and Paul Jacob.

While Bob Weeks from the Voice from Liberty in Wichita and I normally cover Kansas issues, we attended this event to network with SamSphere Chicago friends from last year. Read the rest of this entry »