Democrats frustrated over McCain's pick of Palin

Right after the pick was made, the party that supposedly doesn’t attack, attempted to attack Sarah Palin. Didn’t matter that they knew nothing about her, they wanted to spin the pick to make it look as poorly as possible.

A few Democrats attempted to try and connect her to Ted Stevens and Don Young. Two Alaskans facing corruption charges. Not recogizing her fight against corruption and her battles against Stevens & Young.

Some liberals are attempting to focus on her inexperience, but they’re only turning the discussion back around to Obama’s inexperience.

Democrats have desperately been relying on tying John McCain to George W. Bush. Not only is it an attempt to tie him with an unpopular President, but to try to suggest that John McCain is uncapable of bring about change.

John McCain has gutted that argument with his pick of Sarah Palin. Who reinforces John’s McCain’s “Maverick” image and his message of reform. Something the Democrats have been trying to avoid.

Honestly, this is a perfect pick.

Democrats can’t define her and have looked terrible attempting to do so.

But McCain has shown with this pick, his message over the next 66 days will be of reform, ethics, and energy.