Islamic Threat?

Why does it seem like the media and the current administration is all too eager to pounce on a media incident involving a bomber when it seems that, even for just a moment, they are not related to islamic-based terrorism.  It is almost as if they current administration is counting on a right winger or tea-partier with a “screw loose” to cause harm to say “This is why we must be on the look-out for these types of individuals.”  There is no shame in profiling Tea Party members. Perhaps that is because the media was so quick to point out that they are mostly white. That is almost to say that white people are the cause of crime and ignorance, something that the media would be crucified for if they suggested it about any other minority.

Even Mayor Bloomberg of NYC was quick to suggest that the NYC Times Square bombing was perhaps that of a homegrown terrorist upset about the healthcare legistlation that was just passed.  What is it so easy to pass judgement on non-islamic Americans and yet it is taboo to suggest that perhaps it was someone who adheres to the islamic faith that participated in this bombing.  I do not wish that mayor Bloomberg suggested this was done by an islamo-fascist before he had the facts straight. However, I do wish the may did not suggest it was an anti-healthcare legistlation American before he knew the full facts.  It is basically the media’s mantra to blame the right initially “just in case” and later, if it turns out to be from an islamic extremist, to blame America for making this muslim feel he had to act to protect his country.  This again is once an example of, if it wasn’t from the right wing… it was because America itself is to blame.  Satire only goes so far, but it is hard to believe I live in a country where the media is so far in the tank for the political left that they are actually rooting for the other side, let alone disappointed that the people they had hoped committed the terrorist act did not.